Once upon a time, on December 3 2011 to be exact, a wholehearted movement wasborn out of a desire to tell tall tales, fairy tales and just simply tell tales to Indonesia’s children, youth, elderly and anything in between. This movement was a social community called Ayo Dongeng Indonesia!

It all began with Kak Aio (Mochamad Ariyo Faridh Zidni) spreading his joy and creativity through storytelling. He told children stories and taught others how to do so. After a while, teachers, office workers, students, teens and all sorts of people from different backgrounds and professions, all who heard Kak Aio tell his tales, wanted more. Aside from hearing his amusing stories, they also wanted to learn how share their own joys, wisdom and creativity with others and help spread smiles across the faces of children across the nation.

This desire to entertain, to spread smiles and laughter, could be considered as a virus. A virus spread by Kak Aio’s through various social activities. For storytelling is an art that could slither its way into various forms of social activities, such as post-disaster trauma healing therapy, storytelling in hospitals, storytelling in libraries for children, halfway houses, and many others. And now, Kak Aio hopes to spread that virus even more to infect the hearts, minds and souls of people across the nation.